Traditional Indian Food For Locals from chef Gordon Ramsay

RIYANKA S 7 months ago

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Internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay came to India and before his return home he tried to mix it up with a twist of curries from Northeast India! Ramsay Cooks Northeastern Indian Food

WATCH Gordon Ramsay Cooks In The Streets Of Kolkata

As Gordon’s trip across India comes to an end, he tests what he’s learned so far by cooking for locals. He set out to track down the fabulous dishes that are unique to the northeastern region of India. He says that the food here is “very special and it’s sort of the opposite to what I was expecting. I discovered that the food is completely different to any of the classics I’ve cooked before.” episode of Gordon Ramsay visit to India and trying Indian food in Delhi

With almost 135000 stalls in the city his competition was tough so his curries needed “to be good enough to turn customers away from their usual tried and tested favorites.”  He had hired some local lads to help him out.

In his list of delicacies were three curries, Chicken and Green Papaya Curry inspired by the winning recipe and the cooking competition, with the classic Assamese semi-sour tangs. Second one is a Fish curry using dried bamboo shoot from Nagaland. Final curry is a Vegetable Curry with fresh spices with a purée of sesame seed paste and fresh coriander paste. Ramsay’s 5 favorite dishes in India

Gordon was “sweating like a pig” he says!  He even put on an Indian garment called the “kurta.”

What’s next? The local loved Gordon’s delicacies. He ended up selling the whole pot of chicken curry in 55 mins! By the end he was SOLD OUT! His last critique from food writer, Nandan who give his verdict. After tasting his last plate of chicken curry Nandan commented saying “no wonder why you were sold out!”

Officially Gordon Ramsey’s Kolkata Cafe was closed! He describes that his first week in India was an eye opener but this one was a shocker when it came to the difference between the food styles from mainland Indian food.

We sure as hell want more of this MasterChef US chef’s stalls in the streets of India again!

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