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At The Small Holding, Will makes cultured butter by using the liquid from fermented carrots. If you have a jar of fermented vegetables to hand then the liquid will be perfect; otherwise, you’ll need to make a ferment. This is easy, but does take at least 5 days. If you already have some fermenting liquid to hand, skip the next step


To make the ferment, mix the salt and water together and gently head until the salt dissolves, then leave to cool completely. Meanwhile, peel, wash and cut the carrots into batons, then pack tightly into a sterilised jar or container. Once the brine has cooled, pour it into the container to completely submerge the carrots. Cover with a muslin cloth and set aside at room temperature for 5 days (or longer). You can seal the container fully (if you’re using a Kilner jar, for instance), but remember to open the jar once a day to allow built-up gas to escape


When your ferment is ready, you can begin to culture the cream. Pour the double cream into a large pan and gently heat to 25°C. Add a splash of the liquid from your fermented vegetables to a bowl, then pour in a ladleful of warm cream and mix well

  • 3l double cream


Heat the remaining cream in the pan to 37.5°C, then pour into a sterilised container. Add the cream that’s been mixed with the fermented liquid, stir well, then cover with a muslin cloth (or j-cloth). Leave at room temperature (above 20°C) for 12-15 hours, then transfer to the fridge for a further 2-3 days


Set up a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, then pour the cultured cream into the bowl. Gently whip the cream on a low speed until it separates into solids and buttermilk. Strain off the buttermilk (reserve it for other dishes, such as marinating chicken or making bread with), then wash the solids in several changes of water. Dry the leftover solids as thoroughly as possible, squeezing them with your hands to wring out any remaining moisture


You now have plenty of cultured butter that can either be enjoyed as is, salted, or whipped with flavourings such as wild garlic or truffle. Store in the fridge and eat within 2 weeks

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