At the luxurious Reef Island, overlooking a beautiful view of the sea, a new discovery waits to amaze. FACT’s Layal El Mahmoud pops in for a quick look and falls in love with a piece of her own homeland.

You probably need to pay a visit to Lebanon to understand the level of excitement me and my family are living right at this moment. To hold a real Kaaket Kunafa in your hands and munch on that heavenly sandwich of semolina, butter, oozing cheese, and syrup… OMG, it is a dream come true! Yes, a piece of cheese Kunafa stuffed inside a special house-made bun, baked fresh just for you, is one of Lebanon’s best breakfast sandwiches.

The brand new Hala Lebnan is the destination for the best collection of Arabic Lebanese sweets in Bahrain. Equipped with a skillful team, appealing interior, and relaxing outdoors setup; a piece of Tripoli, the city of sweets, history, and culture, is now minutes away.

You might question why a sweet shop would offer a seating setup for its guests! Well, because traditionally in Lebanon, sweets palaces like Hala Lebnan are coffeeshops too. You will not just go to pick up a parcel or enjoy something sugary with a nice cup of coffee, you can also have an individual portion as a breakfast or an all-time treat. Especially the Kaaket Kunafa, which is available at Hala Lebnan three days a week, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

In addition, you can savour the single salty dish on the menu, Lahm Bil Ajeen. A square pastry, like croissant or chapati, topped with a special mixture of minced beef, served with mint leaves, a wedge of lemon, and pomegranate molasses.

The menu is rich with all the choices you might fancy. The universal Baqlawa, in all its shapes, kinds and different fillings; Jazariyeh, made of pumpkins topped with raw nuts; Halawat El Jibneh; Karbouj; Mafroukeh; Mabroumeh; Znoud El-sit… and a lot more.

The most important element of success is the house-made fresh Ashta, a coagulated milk product that makes all the difference. If you are partial to it, you can even order a plate of just Ashta and nuts with a drizzle of honey. Yes, believe it! It does exist.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan coming upon us soon, we cannot think of a better place to go to make family gatherings after Iftar more enjoyable and extra sweet.

Go discover the magic shop yourself, you can thank us later. ✤


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