The Best Chefs on Instagram to Follow During Lockdown


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to close their doors. Work has been whipped away from tens of thousands of talented chefs around the world. But with time on their hands, many chefs are sharing their gifts on social media. From live cooking sessions with Michelin-starred cooks to amazing images of delicious creations, we take a look at the best chefs on Instagram to follow during self-isolation.

Tim Hollingsworth

The LA-based chef is behind successful restaurants Otium and Barrel & Ashes and lends insight into his love for home cooking on his Instagram channel. Right now, he is offering tips on the most basic forms of cooking (like how to poach an egg) to daily updates on his very own chicken coup. Check out his daily Instagram stories for tips on how to transform leftovers into delicious meals and make the best use of old cupboard ingredients.

Jenner Tomaska

The Chicago chef shot to fame at Grant Achatz’s restaurant Next as executive chef. He has since left that position and is now seen popping up across the city with new and exciting concepts, including a residency at the Michelin-starred Elizabeth in Lincoln Square. With the US in lockdown, Tomaska is sharing a ton of cookery tips on his Instagram page, such as how to debone a leg of lamb and then truss it properly. There is also a video on topping eggshells, a notoriously difficult skill.

Jun Tanaka

As the brains behind celebrated London restaurant, The Ninth, Jun Tanaka knows a thing or two about crowd-pleasing recipes. Jun’s colorful Instagram account is a foodie heaven, with an eclectic mix of culinary travel destinations, mouthwatering food shots and video recipes, encouraging his follows to flex their skills in the kitchen.

Rene Redzepi

The chef and owner of the world-famous Copenhagen restaurant Noma has been at the forefront of experimental fine dining for over a decade. Although he is not as active on Instagram as some would like, he has an encyclopedia of stories for you to wander through, including his trips to Japan and even his failed experiments in the kitchen. He does post a delicious homely recipe from time to time as well.

Jason Atherton

In addition to the highly polished, professional food shots from across his celebrated fleet of restaurants, Jason Atherton’s Instagram is awash with home cooking videos, helping you to achieve his impeccable standard of cooking in your own kitchen. From family favorites to date night treats, Atherton’s recipes are easy to follow, without being oversimplified. His new followers will be happy to see that even Michelin-starred chefs are prone to using shop-bought shortcuts.

David Chang

David Chang is nothing short of a culinary A-lister. The man behind the Momofuku brand and the excellent travel show Ugly Delicious provides an insight into his everyday life on Instagram. Right now he is more active than ever, providing detailed recipes on easy meals that you can make at home, such as tuna pasta salad and lasagne. He even offers insight into how he, a Michelin star chef, cooks his eggs in the morning (don’t feel bad, even he breaks the yolks from time to time).

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Made something similar a couple times over the years for family meals in restaurants but never with canned tuna. I don’t know if I’ve ever worked in restaurant that actually had canned tuna for anything even staff meal. Basically a pasta salad with a tuna sauce…I got a box of some vegetables shipped in today and it made me so happy. I’m running low on salt and I’m trying not to go to grocery store so I’m not salting my pasta water. That’s just not going to happen anymore. So much salt used to make water salty…a waste right now. Tuna Sauce – this has basically become a workhorse dressing for me the past month or so. In a magic bullet put one can of tuna, one egg yolk, garlic clove, salt and pepper; msg, rice wine vinegar, olive oil. Mixed 1.5 boxes of pasta with parsley, pickled chili peppers, green pepper, celery, window sill scallions and onion powder. I got some onions and potatoes today but saving them for another dish this week. I’ve been using a lot of onion powder these days. I also added some fish sauce and the pickling liquid from the chili peppers. Mix together served with some baby spinach Pretty fucking tasty. Served 7 adults with leftover to spare Ps – everyone in the house is doing plenty. Apologies to all my housemates for my joke #sandbagmaster

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Massimo Bottura

The chef patron of three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura, is widely regarded as the best chef in Italy. While he serves some of the world’s greatest cuisine at his restaurant, he, like most other Italians, still relies on beautifully simple pasta dishes to get him through the day. Bottura has been upping his content throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and offers recipes so you can cook some delicious nonna-style cooking at home.

Tom Aikens

It may have been a while since Tom Aikens could call himself a Michelin-starred chef, but the recent opening of new restaurant Muse proved he is still very much in the top bracket. Now Muse is temporarily shut, Aikens has taken to Instagram to share recipes for how to perfect homely recipes. Recently, he showed his viewers how to roast a chicken properly and also lent insight into how to make the perfect croque monsieur. The recipes are easy to follow and the finished product is always delicious.

Calum Franklin

The British chef doesn’t tend to share too many recipe ideas but is worth a follow simply because it will fill your feed with the most extraordinary pies. Calum Franklin runs the famous Pie Room at Holborn Dining Rooms and elevates the humble British pie to levels fit for a Tudor king. Like everyone else in London, he is not working at the moment but continues to cook every Englishman’s favorite staple in the comfort of his kitchen.

Simone Zanoni

Simone Zanoni is the executive chef at the renowned Le George in Paris, France. The Italian-born chef is now unable to work in his kitchen inside the Four Seasons Hotel George V, but is making the best use of time with his daily recipe videos on Instagram Live. You can view all of his past recipe videos in his story highlights, including a beautiful gnocchi dish and a decadent tiramisu.

Yoric Tieche

Executive Chef at Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel, Yoric Tieche is helping households to stay wholesome with daily ‘Chef A La Maison’ series on his Instagram page. You can catch up on the series in his story highlights. You can learn new skills with his step-by-step bread recipes, and perfect your roasted aubergines. He also reveals how to make a vinaigrette to rule all salads.

Francesco Mazzei

Francesco Mazzei is the chef patron at London’s Sartoria, arguably one of the city’s best Italian restaurants. The chef has been making everything that Italy is known from, including bread from scratch, fresh pizzas and even some sacred family recipes. He has put all of his home recipes on his story highlights, allowing you to go through the rapidly expanding back catalog and perfect your bolognese.

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