Layal Al-Mahmoud takes you along as she experiences a seafood extravaganza.

More danger, higher risk, and therefore more restrictions… it seems like an endless cycle. But in certain places around the island, your mind will be at peace and your heart relaxed. The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa is one of these trusted destinations.

Al Waha is an Arabic word that literally means ‘Oasis’. And, with great themed nights, Al Waha restaurant is indeed the oasis of all food!

In addition to their regular lunch and dinner buffet, Al Waha now has two themed nights that are definitely worth experiencing. Every Wednesday is the Butcher Night for all meat lovers to satisfy their big protein-loving appetites. Here you’ll find a wide variety of red meat cuts alongside other main course dishes that might vary from one week to the other, all are prepared with passion and care to please and be enjoyed.

Thursday night, on the other hand, is the big night for those of you who are passionate about the fruits of the sea. With different kinds of local fish, plus the universal salmon, and an array of fresh seafood ranging from shrimp, crab and calamari to the luxurious and rich lobster, you will never be disappointed. All cooked to perfection and as you choose between grilled, fried or thermidor.

A collection of world-class sauces is prepared to match your choice and to please all tastes, no matter how picky they might be.

Even though the rules of engagement have changed dramatically, and freedom of movement is somewhat restricted, finally, at last, buffets are making a comeback, in a shy way. At Al Waha, the island in the middle of the hall is missing its food displays. The show areas, in general, are more compact and glass shields are implemented everywhere, but the food is always great!

Starters including cold mezze will be served to the table. A collection of salads, Hummus, Mutabbal, Baba-Ghannouj and more. Hot appetisers like shrimp tempura, deep fried calamari and others, are kept heated and available for you to collect or you can request a delivery to the table if you prefer. On Thursdays, the soup was the adored Tum Yum which is my favourite – Yaaay!

For main course, of course the focus on themed nights is the cuts and fresh catches on display, but there are more pre-prepared main course dishes and sides, namely roasted or steamed vegetables, steamed rice, mashed or roasted potatoes…etc., to complete the perfect combo.

Dessert will also be served to the table. We enjoyed a plate of mixed mini desserts and also shared one regular portion of a beautifully presented creation of sweet and tangy flavours – a dome of cake and mousse covered with a layer of berry gelatin… a great pleasure to eat and also to show off on your Instagram! You can enjoy all the buffet has to offer as you please, and you may repeat the dishes you like as you wish. And along with that, a list of drinks is at your disposal with a great variety. Some fresh, some bubbly, and a lot more. At the end, coffee and tea are an option if your night is to continue and caffeine is needed.

If you have been to Al Waha many times, like me, you know it is always nice to revisit. And if you never did, then you must try it. Choose your preferred theme and book your next outing with family or close friends, as long as your green shield is working. ✤


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