Tesla’s thunderbolt-shaped Tequila is driving the fans insane


You don’t see a car company launching a brand of spirits every day. But when the company in question is Tesla, it is bound to unleash passionate reactions. Though it was just launched a few days ago, Tesla’s tequila is already out of stock, and bottles are reaching astronomical prices online.

Tesla's tequila

Although the concept of Tesla Tequila started as an April Fool’s Day joke back in 2018 promoted Tesla’s whimsical boss, Elon Musk, it is no longer a joke. Tesla has begun selling its own tequila on its online store. Each 750 ml bottle of tequila boasts 40% of alcohol.

While the orders started right before the weekend, this Tesla beverage has already sold out. Despite the fact that each bottle costs 250 dollars and that the online store placed a limit of two bottles sold to the same person in certain US states, the only place you can find it now is eBay. With the bottles set to ship in late 2020, resellers are already listing their treasures.

Tesla's tequila

Tesla fans will have to spend a minimum of US$500 (Rs 37,000 approx.) and up to US$5000 (Rs 3.7 lakh approx.) to buy one of these collector’s bottles shaped like a thunderbolt. It appears to come with a metal stand, which holds the pointed tip of the bottle in place to enable it to stand upright.

However would-be buyers are aware that the bottles will be empty since alcohol sales are forbidden on the US auction website.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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