Steamed coconut and chilli sea bass with shoestring fries


Avi says: ‘Mumbai is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures and this dish is an Irani café classic. It was brought to India by the Parsis who came from Iran and settled in coastal Gujarat. They included fish in their diet and combined a unique mix of Persian and Gujarati cuisines to create this dish.  

It is simple, yet full of flavour and freshness. I particularly love this dish in the autumn in England or in the monsoons in India, when the weather is cold and you crave something comforting, steaming hot and healthy. The combination of coriander leaves and chillies leave your lips tingling and gently warm you up from the inside. The tangy aroma from the lemon and the sweetness from the coconut create a sense of happiness on a dark autumn’s day.’

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