Layal Al-Mahmoud celebrates the return of brunching with a feast of Italian flavours.

Fridays, Saturdays, or any other day of the week, brunches are always a great occasional twist on the weekend’s routine, and always fun. The Saturday Italian Brunch at Rosso in The Art Hotel & Resort is without a doubt a great celebration of Italian colours and flavours… come along with us!

I do not recall meeting one person in my life that does not like Italian food. It is probably the most popular of all cuisines and part of the fame is due to the simple pizza and pasta dishes that are, in fact, a fraction of a diverse gastronomical haven. I personally never say no to an Italian brunch!

We arrive at the lobby of The Art Hotel & Resort and need no instructions. A few steps to the left of the waiting area, and the noise will tell you that you are on the right path. The smell of olive oil and garlic makes you smile under your mask while being welcomed by a friendly face. Your appetite is already awakened and ready to take pleasure in every creation available.

We head straight to the table as we have chosen to be indoors in the coolness of the air-conditioning, shaded tables outdoors are an option for those who do not mind the hot weather. A waiter asks us what kind of beverages we would like to start with and then explains how the brunch works these days. We order our fizzy drinks and nod happily in acceptance to everything she says. I am so excited that brunches are back!

The concept is to have an assisted buffet while keeping the à la carte menu available. Bread and cheese, salads and cold cuts, and soup counters stretch indoors along the glass wall. Opposite, stands the bar and the dessert and ice cream station. And, you remember the smell of garlic? That is coming from the fresh pasta station that invades the space outside the entrance door.

On the other side of the same glass wall, a buffet offers all the hot main course dishes ranging from the adored lasagna to Tuscan chicken, and multiple beef options.

The huge pizza oven is in action and very attractive. When you pass by it, you cannot but to stop and take a video for your Instagram story of a couple of pizzas lying by the dancing flames. It is indeed the comfort food of all times!

We start with some cheese, grilled vegetables, and tapenade on bread. The tomatoes and mozzarella salad, pasta tuna salad, and quinoa salad are all very refreshing. I pass on the seafood soup, but my partner enjoys a tasty bowl.

Next, we share a couple of pizza choices and a couple of pasta dishes as well. The Quatro Formaggio Pizza is nice and cheesy, and the Pizza De Mare is well balanced and great with the house made chili oil. Both the chicken pasta in mixed sauce and the spaghetti bolognaise are nicely cooked and flavourful. The freshly prepared pasta making all the difference!

At this point, frankly, I am fully satisfied with the savoury and with a choice between trying more main course dishes and enjoying something sweet with a cup of real Italian coffee, I decide on the latter.

Fruit salad is a good source of vitamins and Tiramisu is an automatic choice. The Crème Brulée is tempting and worth the extra calories. And, of course, who would say no to ice cream?

The mango flavour is so summery and fresh. Good espresso tops it all to seal the deal in style.

If you miss buffet feasts and the positive vibes of cool brunches, go ahead and book yours at Rosso but call in early to guarantee a table indoors under the tight Covid-19 restrictions of social distancing. Book now and thank me later. ✤


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