Nebbiolo bagna cauda with blanched vegetables


Theo says: ‘The first time I tasted bagna cauda was at a restaurant in Asti, Piedmont. I couldn’t believe how much garlic was in it! It came served on top of some blanched vegetables, all with different textures. It’s funny how anchovies are in so many Piemontese dishes even though the region is land-locked – but there’s a good reason for the anomaly. The Piemontese have always produced wonderful wine, some of the finest in Italy, and they would trade barrels of it with the Venetians. The barrels of wine would go to Venice and then come back packed full of salted anchovies.’

This recipe is taken from The Italian Deli Cookbook by Theo Randall (£26, Quadrille). Photography by Lizzie Mason.

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